Be A Builder

Our desire is to walk beside the next generation of builders and inspire them to carry on the tradition of “Being a Builder”. The term builder is a different definition and standard than might initially come to mind. Traditionally, being a builder means being a “craftsman”. But a true builder shows greater qualities that go... Continue Reading →

Be A Builder

Be a builder in everything you do. Add value to every situation you can. Grow other people every chance you get. Build relationships to help you grow.

True Builder: The Why Behind Submittals

Plans and specifications are the product of a designers "intent".  They provide lines and words to convey a vision for a project.  Submittals and shop drawings are detailed information to confirm that the supplier, manufacturer, or fabricator understand the design intent.  Approval of the submittals and shop drawings become the "meeting of the minds" for... Continue Reading →

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