#15 Time and Grade

Gaining experience in construction takes TIME, lots of time, seeing project after project, there is always something new to learn about building and people. The GRADE is how you well you approach problems and people, as well as construction techniques. In this life of “instant gratification” and “fast promotions”, in most every case, the better part of valor... Continue Reading →

#14 Call When There Are No Problems

Construction, at its best, is a series of problems that need to be solved to complete a project. 90% of all phone calls from your team, to a client or a contractor are to discuss a problem.  Think about it… how many times a day do you see the caller ID and think “Oh man … what’s wrong... Continue Reading →

#13 Relationships Are Built Over Time with Trust, Not Deals

Relationships are the common thread that binds people together through the ups and downs of construction.  In your desire to maintain those relationships, you may make short term deals to try to avoid conflict to keep everyone happy.  But, those short-term deals will prove to be a detriment to the relationship and the project in the long run. True trust is not built on deals. ... Continue Reading →

#12: Meet expectations, then go one step more

Expectations are the life blood of all construction projects.  Safety, Quality, Time, and Cost all have expectations attached to them.  Long term relationships are built on meeting expectations which, in turn, forms trust.    But what happens when something goes wrong and you don’t meet the expectations?  Whether you are the client or the contractor, one... Continue Reading →

#10 Water Will Seek Its Own Level

As a builder, you are driven to move the project forward. Solve the problem, check it off the list, and move on to the next one.  But, the notion that “It’s better to do something than nothing at all” depends on knowing how much to do and when to do it.  Water will seek to balance itself over time, but... Continue Reading →

#9 Solve the Problem

A problem is a “thing” that didn’t turn out as planned.  Since plans are created by people, ego usually creeps into the problem-solving process.  Finding fault & cause are too often the priority, even though each have negligible impact on the solution.  To solve the problem, leave the egos at the door and focus on the best solution for the project.  Communication and... Continue Reading →

#8 Perception Is Reality

When you approach a situation on a project, your initial view of that situation is seen through the eyes of your past experiences. Whether you failed or succeeded, trusted or got burned, your initial perception of the situation will align with your experience. Had no problems? Perception is there will be no problems. Got Burned? Perception... Continue Reading →

#7 Take A Breath

Construction is hard, fast paced, and demanding.  As a leader in construction you are constantly bombarded with the need to make a call now through meetings, calls, emails and texts.  It can be overwhelming which can lead to making a snap decision or saying something that you will regret. Take a breath… no really, take a breath.  It is... Continue Reading →

#6 Be Your Own Messenger

Misunderstandings can derail a project faster than anything else.  Like the whisper game we played in elementary school, perception of what you hear from others and then transmit down the line can be misunderstood.  With Safety, Quality, Time and Cost on the line every day, it is critical you to deliver your message and listen... Continue Reading →

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