#5 Always Consider Your Audience

In construction, it is important to have daily communication on status, potential issues, current problems, and upcoming activities.  But, how you communicate, and how your team hears & reacts to what you communicate is critical.  Both the delivery and receipt of information is based on your team’s past experience which drives perception.  Most conflicts and mistrust arise due to a simple misunderstanding of... Continue Reading →

#3 Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems

When you look back at your career, time eases your perspective of the highest highs and the lowest lows. From getting the promotion to a project spiraling out of control, in the moment, it is the best thing ever or the worst thing imaginable. As a leader, large swings in emotion dramatically affect you and your project. In addition to taxing... Continue Reading →

#2 Under Pressure, You Always Go Back to What You Know

We all come from diverse backgrounds in construction.  Union, non-union, administrative, trades, high school or college.  Your experience forms a base instinct that drives how you react every day.  It makes you feel comfortable in stressful situations … like you have control.  As you grow as a leader, you try to find balance in your thoughts and actions to relate... Continue Reading →

#1 You don’t know what you don’t know

The tendency of leadership in construction is to be out front with all the answers.  You become comfortable with what you know & strive to show everyone the knowledge you have. But, if you have knowledge, why are you always putting out fires?  Because, no individual has the knowledge to foresee or solve all issues and, things that... Continue Reading →

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