Introduction: Things Tim Marsh Gave Me the Opportunity to Learn About Life and Construction

Over 26 years ago I had the opportunity to work with a project manager that took over on a job in Visalia, CA.  Although I had no idea at the time, he would  go on to shape and provide direction for my career.

As a second year project administrator straight out of college, I had a very high opinion of my skills.  That all changed the day that Tim Marsh showed up on my project.  He changed everything from filing to cost reports and even how we approached challenges at the job site!!!!  I was livid!!!!  I knew what I was doing!!!!  But his steady demeanor, over time, won me over and I had the opportunity to realize all of the things I didn’t know.

Over the next 24 years he gave me the opportunity to learn many things.   He took the time. Whether he was beside me or in the background, tempering my ego or providing confidence in failure, he always had a saying for every challenge.   He took the time.

As I made the move to lead a new company, these sayings came flooding back into my mind.  Even in retirement, he still…takes the time to talk with me about new challenges. These are a few of the thing Tim gave me the opportunity to learn and that I apply everyday to my work and my life.

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  2. Under pressure, you always go back to what you know.
  3. Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems.
  4. It’s not what you go after it’s what you don’t.
  5. Always consider your audience.
  6. Be your own messenger.
  7. Take a breath.
  8. Perception is reality.
  9. Solve the problem.
  10. Water will seek its own level.
  11. Back up to solid ground then come out first.
  12. Meet expectations then go one step more.
  13. Relationships are built over time with trust, not deals.
  14. Call when there are no problems.
  15. Time and Grade.

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