In these days of competitive pricing, you should ask yourself if you are being as efficient as possible with your own actions.  A normal day as a Superintendent is filled with a constant barrage of problems coming from multiple areas like subcontractors, clients, and designers.

It can lead to stress, long hours, and a lot of frustration.


Great Superintendents are able to:

  • Have a technical understanding of the contract documents
  • Document issues, changes, and daily activities
  • Conduct coordination meetings
  • Implement safety measures project wide
  • Schedule trades and materials to be onsite
  • Confirm trades are finishing work on schedule
  • Have a working knowledge of the work of each trade
  • Coordinate the interface of trades and materials as well as the timing of installation
  • Maintain relationships with clients, designers and subcontractors


There is just not enough time in the day!!!!!


Defend your time.  Subcontractors will interrupt for answers as much as you let them.  As well they should, they are just trying to get their job done too.  However, if you are running from issue to issue on your jobsite all day you are not being effective or efficient for you and your team.  You must make time to plan and implement your project.  99% of all items can wait a couple of hours to be solved.


These three items will increase your productivity at the jobsite:


  • At the beginning of each day review your jobsite for:
    • Subcontractors, manpower, and material onsite
    • Safety
    • Locations work is being performed.
    • Call any subcontractors that are not onsite that were scheduled to be


  • In the middle of your day, conduct your meetings, review/solve problems and talk to your trades about progress on the site.


  • At the end of each day
    • Review the jobsite for work completed
    • Complete your documentation
    • Condense and follow up on your notes
    • Contact subcontractors to schedule work.


  • If at any time during the day you are in the middle of something and are interrupted. Take 30 seconds to assess the issue and prioritize.  If it is not a priority, write it down and let the person know when you will be able to get with them to discuss it further. Follow up when promised is a key to building confidence in your team

If you are consistent, the staff on your jobsite will come to you and ask when you have time to review an issue.  GUARANTEED!!!!!

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  1. Hi I’m ken .. what I read on this forum.. was very helpful and educational thank you for this …


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