True Builder: The Why Behind Submittals

Plans and specifications are the product of a designers “intent”.  They provide lines and words to convey a vision for a project.  Submittals and shop drawings are detailed information to confirm that the supplier, manufacturer, or fabricator understand the design intent.  Approval of the submittals and shop drawings become the “meeting of the minds” for exactly what is to be provided.  

Safety – Erection sequences, slip coefficient, VOC’s, attachment methods, etc.. must be reviewed and approved to avoid material and structural issues that could harm others

Quality – Finishes, material types and installation procedures are verified to be sure they meet the design intent

Time – With quality and safety confirmed, there will be no need to remove and replace incorrect or defective products.  With timely submission and approval, products can be ordered and installed on schedule

Cost – By confirming Safety Quality and Time, additional costs for removal and replacement, delays, or extended overhead can be avoided.

The submittal process is the first step in moving the project forward and sets the tone for the momentum of the project.

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