Meetings, Leaders Make Them Meaningful

Collective knowledge is always stronger than individual knowledge.  The best way to gain collective knowledge is to bring people together in a meaningful way.  But… “Meetings suck!!!!! Meetings are a waste of time, they take too long, nothing ever gets resolved, and everyone does what they want to anyway”.

Remember, meetings don’t solve problems. A meeting is just a thing, a tool, and nothing more.  It’s all about the ideas and decisions made in the space created by the meeting.  People must communicate openly to gather ideas, inform, build trust, challenge statements and the status quo, gauge knowledge, and confirm buy-in.

As a leader it is up to you to make it worth the time spent together. You must be prepared, know the desired result, ask questions, draw out ideas, dig deeper on general statements, encourage discussion, and listen to those with specific expertise.

There are a lot of strong, passionate, personalities in construction and everyone has an answer.  Use that passion to your advantage.  Leave the egos and agendas at the door, listen to the knowledge of others, and then bring it together to make a call to move forward together with what is best for the project.





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