Managing a Project? or Leading a Project?

As an owner, starting a project is exciting!!! New facilities!!! New learning environments for the students!!! Pride in the community!!! But… managing a project is hard… there are so many challenges: safety, people, funding, delivery methods, market impacts, and meeting expectations.

Unrealistic expectations cause most of the challenges on a project. However, leaders of successful projects set realistic expectations in 4 areas: Safety, Quality, Time, and Cost. Then, the entire team focuses on these areas throughout the project… together.

They listen, plan, and build together leaving their egos at the door, embracing positive conflict, adapting, and making decisions based on what is best for the project.

Through good times and bad, they build a culture of trust, communication, and collaboration. The knowledge gained provides the best solutions that lead to successful projects.

One thought on “Managing a Project? or Leading a Project?

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  1. Excellent points to think about. One might focus on one or two of them, but rarely do we embrace all angles. Basically, we don’t know what we don’t know. Listen to those with experience. Learn.


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