The Dichotomy of Construction


Starting a new project brings a lot of excitement!!!  Better facilities, a better environment, and a sense of pride for the community!!!!!

But, managing a project?   IT’S HARD WORK!!!!!

Albert Campus said,

“The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart.”

This quote came from reading about Sisyphus,  who was condemned to push a stone up a mountain for all eternity.  The Gods must have invented construction right after that…  You may laugh but….

Every construction project starts at the bottom, it slips… we fall back… we keep pushing … we get to the top… then we start over.  Construction is a struggle, a grind, to reach the top of the mountain.  It cannot be planned completely, it takes shear will at times… and expert skill at others.

Camus also noted that we should

“imagine Sisyphus as happy”.

How do you view the grind of pushing a stone up a mountain for eternity?   We are going to explore how the grind is a good thing how to embrace it and how we can make that hill a little less steep.

The struggle will lead you back to the excitement…or you can choose to be excited about the struggle, embrace it, learn from it, and continue to lower the elevation on the mountain for the next project.

Stay tuned!!!!!!

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