Know the Way Broadly

Quote from Miyamoto Musashi: “Know the way broadly and you will see it in all things”.

There is no truer statement in construction.  The more you see, the more you know, the more you can relate your experiences to the current situation for a better outcome.  Over time you will see the bigger picture.  There is not a single set of rules that will apply equally to every situation.  Understanding the broad nature of the construction process will let you plan for contingencies and adapt, which will ultimately lead to a successful project.  There is no quick fix or life hack.  It takes time to gain the knowledge.  Be diligent in learning.

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  1. I truly enjoy reading your post. This one especially. I remember starting out in the accounting field in a small construction office 13 years ago. I wanted to be “The Person” from day one. Sure I was hired for accounting, but at 20 I thought I knew it all and I was so envious of the other staff. One specific person, I wanted to be the “person” everyone went to, everyone counted on, everyone could trust to get the job done. I wanted to be “That Person”. NOW.. fast forward 12 years and I see why I was not “That Person” 13 years ago. I also see why I am not “That Person” today. However, I AM becoming “That Person” and each day I am closer to my goal, my dream. Only learning along the way, “you never stop learning” and even “That Person” was / is still learning. I work with a group of combined experience, in just my little department of over 60 years! Yes, 60 years and each one of them are still learning, just like me, just like “That Person”.

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