#2 Under Pressure, You Always Go Back to What You Know

We all come from diverse backgrounds in construction.  Union, non-union, administrative, trades, high school or college.  Your experience forms a base instinct that drives how you react every day.  It makes you feel comfortable in stressful situations … like you have control.  As you grow as a leader, you try to find balance in your thoughts and actions to relate... Continue Reading →

#1 You don’t know what you don’t know

The tendency of leadership in construction is to be out front with all the answers.  You become comfortable with what you know & strive to show everyone the knowledge you have. But, if you have knowledge, why are you always putting out fires?  Because, no individual has the knowledge to foresee or solve all issues and, things that... Continue Reading →

Give Everyone the Opportunity to Succeed

99% of the unpredictability of construction comes from people. PEOPLE need to manufacture, install, and coordinate thousands of things that go into a construction project.  The human factor is the root cause of construction being hard, inconsistent, and unpredictable.  It comes down to people making poor decisions, not being disciplined and diligent, or letting their... Continue Reading →

Construction is Hard…

"You can't predict but you can prepare" Howard Marks Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com Construction is hard.  It will throw challenges at you on an hourly basis. It is relentless. It is stressful.  There are conflicts with people, accidents, cost overruns, quality issues, and delays.    How, can you possibly organize all of the... Continue Reading →

Know the Way Broadly

Quote from Miyamoto Musashi: “Know the way broadly and you will see it in all things”. There is no truer statement in construction.  The more you see, the more you know, the more you can relate your experiences to the current situation for a better outcome.  Over time you will see the bigger picture.  There... Continue Reading →

The Dichotomy of Construction

A NEW PROJECT!!! Starting a new project brings a lot of excitement!!!  Better facilities, a better environment, and a sense of pride for the community!!!!! But, managing a project?   IT'S HARD WORK!!!!! Albert Campus said, “The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart.” This quote came from reading about Sisyphus,... Continue Reading →

Managing a Project? or Leading a Project?

As an owner, starting a project is exciting!!! New facilities!!! New learning environments for the students!!! Pride in the community!!! But… managing a project is hard… there are so many challenges: safety, people, funding, delivery methods, market impacts, and meeting expectations. Unrealistic expectations cause most of the challenges on a project. However, leaders of successful... Continue Reading →

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